Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tips For Losing Weight and Feeling Better

Diet's and weight loss programs are everywhere we turn! All of this information can get confusing and overwhelming. The commercial diet plans out there have shown millions of people a lot of success but they aren't for everyone. If the thought of spending money to be on a program or replacing meals with shakes isn't something you are ready to do right now, you still have options. 

Losing weight and feeling better can start with a few simple daily changes like:
  1. Replacing white bread with whole wheat
  2. Keep healthy options such as cooked chicken breasts and hard boiled eggs in the fridge and ready to go
  3. Add Chia seeds to meals to help keep you fuller longer
  4. Bring snacks with you on the go so you don't get tempted with the concession stands or drive-thru
  5. Eat nuts
  6. Add a few ounces of dark chocolate to your day
  7. Have fruit available to help satisfy that sweet tooth

For a more complete list check out:
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It's no surprise to anyone that when we carry extra weight around with us all day, we are going to get tired faster, have aches and pains, be less motivated and generally not feel so great. These simple changes can get us on the right track to feeling good and enjoying life.

Start small and live big!