Friday, April 5, 2013

Coconut Oil for Softer Younger Looking Skin

Want smoother, younger looking skin? Who doesn't? 
There are many companies in the market today that promise to revive your youth with one simple purchase of their very expensive product. I know because I have tried most of them.
I'm not ashamed to say that I have experimented quite a bit with many different moisturizers, creams oils and lotions.
If you are one of the many people staring at the enormous selection of beauty products and anti-aging creams at the local drug store and you aren't sure which one to try next, I hope my experience will be of some help.

The best all over moisturizer I have ever tried actually came out of my kitchen! I was doing a 30 day experiment on the benefits of eating coconut oil when someone suggested that it would also be good for my skin. I was a little skeptical but, I knew it wasn't going to hurt me because it is a natural product so, I gave it a shot.
I began applying a thin layer of liquefied coconut oil to my face, neck and chest in the evening after I washed off my make-up etc. I noticed that the oil takes about 30 minutes to soak in so I would advise everyone to plan on doing this before your usual bed time so you don't give all the benefits to your pillow case.
I couldn't believe how soft and even my skin was the very next morning!
I pledged to use it for the full 30 day experiment but after a week, I was hooked.
My skin has more of an even tone, pores are smaller, face is brighter and make-up goes on evenly and effortlessly.
I was so surprised with the results I just had to share them in the hopes that someone else may be tired of chasing one cream after another like I was, and enjoy the benefits of the coconut oil.
Save yourself some aggravation and a whole lot of money while doing something amazing for your skin! 
Please let me know what kind of results you experience with the coconut oil moisturizer. I would love to know it works for you! :)