Sunday, April 14, 2013

How To Avoid The Baseball Bulge

Little League Baseball
Spring time is here and that means baseball!
Baseball means fresh cut grass, the sound of the bat cracking the ball and the excitement of the crowd as the runner steals third.
Unfortunately it also means hot dogs, hamburgers, garlic fries, soda and lots of candy.
This is the Spring Sports Sabotage.
It’s easy to get lured in by the intoxicating smells and food vendors that are posted up every 20 feet.
Don’t fall into the trap! It’s a pretty safe bet that anything sold at either a professional ball field or the local ball park is filled with calories, carbohydrates, fillers and loads of salt. It is really easy to eat a whole days’ worth of calories during one baseball game.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy the game while avoiding the belly aches and carb coma that is sure to follow such a nutritional beating.
  1. Eat before you leave the house or bring something protein packed to eat in the car right before you go into the ball park or stadium
  2. Staying for a double header? Pack a snack that is easy to eat and bring it with you
  3. Put something delicious in the slow cooker before you leave the house so dinner will be ready when you get home

Spring Sports Snack Ideas:
  • Sunflower seeds are a baseball tradition and loaded with healthy fats and protein. If your favorite brand is extra salty, simply get the low sodium bag. (or buy Spitz, they are drastically lower in salt than most brands)
  • Peanuts are another baseball favorite that are loaded with protein so you will stay satisfied longer
  • Trail mix is always popular. It is available at most stores or easy to make yourself with your favorite ingredients.
  • Grapes and small mandarin oranges are easy to eat and will help satisfy that sweet tooth
  • If you aren’t really hungry but you have an oral fixation issue (like I do) try gum!
Have you ever noticed that ball players are either spitting seeds or chewing gum?
It is possible to enjoy a day in the beautiful outdoors, cheering on your favorite team without ruining your health in the process.
Play Ball!