Thursday, April 4, 2013

Coconut Oil Benefits For Your Hair

Over the years I have put my hair through a lot! I have tried many different colors, hair products and tortured it with as many different heated styling tools as I could get my hands on. This treatment combined with the fact that I like to keep it long, can lead to extremely dull and stressed out hair. 
Then I discovered Coconut Oil! Ahhhhh
When I started adding liquefied coconut oil to my hair once per week, my hair was soft and happy again!
Unlike mineral oils, the coconut oil washed out of my hair in the first shampooing and there was no leftover heaviness or greasy feeling.
The nutrients in the oil feeds and calms the hair while protecting it from the environmental exposure that we can't control.
  1. Simply liquefy 1/4 cup coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl (it doesn't need to be hot, just liquid)
  2. Apply the liquid to your hair with your hands (which will become super soft also) until completely saturated
  3. Cover the hair with a shower cap so the heat will help the oil absorb into the hair shaft
  4. Leave this on for about an hour, then hop in the shower and wash it out using your normal products
It's really that simple to get soft, happy hair!
Since coconut oils isn't a heavy oil and doesn't build up on you hair, it's safe to use as often as you like. I have found that once per week really does the trick! :)