A little about me and the inspiration for this site...

I started this blog to share some health and happiness secrets I have learned along the way in life.
When I was growing up I was exposed to a lot of negativity involving addictions, abandonment and self loathing everywhere I turned. I had my daughter when I was 16 years old and by the time I was in my early 20's I didn't have a very positive outlook on the world. A few years later I got married and had two boys and a step-daughter. My oldest son has Asperger's Syndrome and having a child with special needs just made each day more overwhelming and chaotic.

I can't tell you the date or time but, I realized one day that I wasn't a child anymore and that my life was up to me. If I wanted to be a happy, productive, pleasant person I could be. It's was all up to me!
That is a very empowering and motivating feeling.

We can all be exactly the kind of person we admire.
We all need some tools and support to make that happen but it is definitely possible. I am not a victim of my circumstances or anything else.
 I am whatever I decide to make myself and I decide to be happy and enjoy all the tremendous gifts I have.

Over the years, I have found that an extremely important part of being happy is being healthy.
It is really hard to keep up with work, kids, chores, hobbies and remain positive when your body doesn't have the fuel it needs. I really enjoy experimenting with different foods and healthy ways of living simply so I can find what makes me feel my best everyday.

My kids deserve a mother who is awake, alert, encouraging, supportive, loving and has enough energy to enforce consequences when they need them.
I deserve to feel good enough to enjoy my life instead of waiting for each day to end so I can go back to bed.
You deserve that too!

Being present in your life is a gift you not only give yourself but, everyone around you.

I hope that some of the information that I have gathered over the last 20 years will help someone become happier and healthier so they may enjoy life just a little bit more. :)